The #88KartTeam is comprised of talented individuals with a breadth of experience in the racing and automotive industry. The team is driven by the same passion that burns every race day in our young racer's eyes. 

Russell Boggs Jr.- Crew Chief

Russell brings more than 20 years of karting experience to the #88KartTeam. As a former track champion , race team owner, and consultant. Russell guides the setup calls on the kart to accommodate the varying track conditions from venue to venue.  Leveraging his on track time with feedback from our driver, be assured the 88 will be in the mix at the drop of the checkers!

Jeremy Lucas-Engineer/Chassis and Drivetrain

Jeremy (JP) is the Co-Owner of PowerHouse Customs and degreed Mechanical Engineer. Utilizing experiences with building Pro-Touring track and street machines at PowerHouse Customs coupled with his Mechanical Engineer degree, makes for a dynamic prescription on race day. Understanding root cause failures and mechanical integrities provides the level of assurance that the 88 will stay the course of the race day. 

Art Lucas-Engineer/Tires/Prep

Art is the Co-Owner of PowerHouse Customs and degreed Chemical Engineer and Chemist. As a partner in a custom car shop, Art understands the automotive and racing industry on a first hand basis. Having a Chemical Engineer and Chemist on staff only makes sense to put him in charge of tires and prep. Holding multiple patents in his field, Art intuitively understands the chemical prep lines so heavily used at many of the varying tracks. This has given the #88KartTeam the ability to be competitive at events where others fall short with their tire and prep program. 

Steven Holliday- Pit Crew

Steven is a certified mechanic from the University of Northwestern Ohio (UNOH). Steven brings over 5 years of hands on experience within the automotive sector. Having someone with quick hands and wit on race day makes implementing calls by the Crew Chief happen seamlessly. 

P&P SpeedShop- Tires and Engine builder

Johnathan Cash and PP Speedshop are the pinnacle of performance in national level kart racing. We couldn't be any happier to run with this team week and week out at all national level events. The winning combination of tires and engine power have pushed our driver into a consistent top tier national level competitor.

Meet the #88KartTeam!!