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Driver of the 88 Kart, Green Plate NKA AkRA Clone and Dale Jr's #1 Fan.

Carson Lucas

Carson Lucas is a 9-year-old kart racer and has been operating speed machines since the age of 4. While most kids were learning to drive a bike, he had already proven himself capable of operating a kart in speeds excess of 50 mph with the consistency periled with veteran racers. Within the last 2 years; Carson has proven himself on a local, regional and national level competing in two karting series (NKA and AKRA) and two tire series (Burris and Maxxis) across the Midwest and Southeast. In 2017, Carson brought home a track championship, 8 feature wins, 10 top 5, and 8 top 10 finishes in a 37 race season schedule in just his first year as a Junior 1 driver.  Carson is driven to succeed, is committed to his goal of being a Nascar driver and even wants to drive for Dale Jr. one day. With his hard work ethic, his on and off track manners, and his proven championship ability, we know the sky is the limit for this guy.