Driver of the 88 Kart, Green Plate NKA Clone and Dale Jr's #1 Fan.

Carson Lucas

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Representing Sponsors for 2016!! 

Carson Lucas is the son of Art Lucas who owns and operates PowerHouse Customs LLC . At the age of 2, Carson expressed an interest in becoming a race car driver and quickly became infatuated with everything Nascar. At the age of 3, Carson was given his first chance at operating a Kart, he completed the 1/8th mile circuit unsupervised and ran lap times that amazed both track owner and the fans. Realizing his driving talents out surpassed his ability to understand the rules of racing, PowerHouse Customs built their own 1/8th mile track for practice. Given 2 years of seat time at his home track and several competition events, it was time for Carson to go full schedule at Kanawha Valley Kartway in Southside, WV in 2015.
The long hours of practice and the support from his father and PowerHouse Customs has proven to be the dynamic prescription he needed to field the 2015 Track Championship as a Rookie in the Red Plate Clone class.
Moreover, Carson has enjoyed the multitude of sponsor support received through PowerHouse Customs affiliation with the automotive world. Carson recognizes sponsors for their contributions, is respectful, and is the one kid at the track that is your worst enemy while racing but your best friend in the pits.